AVID A-Spec Session Cooler system

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The A-Spec Session Cooler System has been designed to allow anglers to keep food fresh whilst out on the bank. Featuring a front hard case pocket which houses plates and utensils alongside a clip-on gas canister holder, the A-Spec Session Cooler is ideal for anglers fishing longer sessions and for those who love to cook whilst out on the bank.

  • Designed to insulate food, keeping it fresh for long periods of time
  • Features two external insulated pockets, designed to hold drinks bottles
  • Removable gas canister attaches on the outside of the bag to utilise space inside
  • Fully insulated walls
  • Removable, waterproof shoulder strap
  • EVA grab handles
  • Supplied with 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 tables spoons, 2 teaspoons, 2 plates,
  • Chopping board, towel and a corkscrew