AVID Benchmark X Memory Foam Bed

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The Benchmark X Memory Foam Bed is the perfect choice for those anglers wanting the ultimate in bankside comfort. The X model is the perfect choice for anglers requiring more space on those longer sessions and those who prefer a bed and sleeping bag combination rather than an integrated sleep system. The benchmark memory foam bed set a new standard in comfort.

The Bed features a complete Lumbar Region Support System, underneath a super-comfortable 2” Memory Foam mattress. No other mattress on the market comes close to Memory Foam in terms of comfort and quality.

Three strategically placed legs offer six supporting positions, giving even weight distribution and a great night’s sleep.

  • Lumbar support system
  • Removable one-piece Memory Foam Mattress
  • Lateral sleep design
  • Unique leg adjustment mechanism
  • Extra-large mud feet
  • Heavy-duty throw hinge