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The Flatbed Method Feeders allow you to present a parcel of bait with your hookbait inside. Due to the unique quick-change design, you can change the size and weight of the feeder you are using in a matter of seconds. You can even create a drop-off presentation with the feeder if you want to eject it when targeting carp on weedy venues.

To aid casting, the Flatbed Method feeders have a weighted nose and an aerodynamic design. The Feeders have a low profile and are finished in a subtle colour, so they are extremely inconspicuous on the bottom.

  • Quick-change design
  • Lockable insert
  • Subtle flatbed design
  • Each pack contains two feeders
  • Small Method Feeders compatible with Small Avid Method Mould
  • Large Method Feeders compatible with Large Avid Method Mould