Fortis Bays LITE - Amber AMPM

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Fortis Bays Lite - Amber AMPM

Remodelled for 2020, Fortis have added a fresh look to arguably their most popular family of sunglasses the Fortis Bays. Refined, refreshed and restyled we introduce the Fortis Bays LITE.

The best selling brown and amber lenses form the basis of all the Fortis Eyewear ranges and the brand new Fortis Bays LITE are no exception. A redefined frame allows for a lighter and more comfortable fit. Restyled with no silver front pins for a sleeker finish. Fortis feature a purple XBLOK variation for low-medium light conditions in a sporty aesthetic, along with a UV light sensitive SWITCH variation too, as what family of glasses is complete without a switch?

Weight: 25g