JRC Defender 3 Spool Tube

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There’s no sense in having several different rods and reels with you, securely protected in a padded rod sleeve, rod holdall, or rod case, if you don’t have enough spools to keep you going over an extended session where anything could happen – or if your spools make it to the bankside damaged because they were just chucked loose in a bag, and suffered the knocks and bumps that are inevitable on the journeys to most of the best swims.

With this 3 Spool Tube from JRC’s Defender range of quality, high-performance tackle luggage, lost or damaged spools will never be a problem again.

Easily able to accommodate three big pit spools, this is the ideal piece of tackle luggage for any eventuality, ensuring that you always have the option of maximising your casting reach and performance, and bringing out the big guns, tackle-wise, when you need to.

Small enough to fit neatly inside a carryall or tackle bag, and featuring three foam spool end protectors for complete peace of mind that your spools will make it to the bankside in optimum, ready to use condition, if you’re looking for an affordable essential that will add instant value to your fishing tackle collection, the JRC Defender 3 Spool Tube is it.

With a brand built around meeting the challenge of “expect more”, and consistently exceeding the expectations that slogan encourages in customers, JRC is a company that has quietly gone from strength to strength, consolidating and building on success at every stage, and becoming a go-to brand for anglers of all disciplines.

The spool tube is manufactured from hard wearing, water resistant 500D polyester, and features a double Velcro access flap, giving you the quick, instant access to your spools that you need, with the reassurance of knowing they’re held securely inside the pouch that you want.

Key Features

  • Hard wearing and water resistant
  • 500D polyester construction
  • Capacity for three big pit spools
  • Three foam spool end protectors included
  • Double Velcro access flap