Angling Technics Deluxe Battery Mains Charger

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Bringing the latest computer controlled technology to bear on your angling lifestyle, this mains charger from Angling Technics is designed to give you precise charging for your bait boat , helping you conserve energy, and ensuring that lead acid bait boat batteries aren’t damaged by overcharging.

Once the main charging cycle is complete, the charger switches to a trickle charge, and can be left on indefinitely, with no risks; the point in the charging cycle is indicated by a red or green LED, so you can see, at a glance, when your bait boat is fully charged.

Designed to be used with a range of Angling Technics bait boats, including the Baitboat, Microcat, and Technicat, this is the finishing touch on the functionality of the Angling Technics’ range of bait boats, all of which can be used to enhance your carp angling on any venue, and give you a performance-boosting edge when it comes to targeting features with precision baiting tactics.

 Utilizes the latest computer controlled technology

  • Designed to give greater charging control of Lead Acid Batteries
  • The charger has two LEDs (green &red)
  • Indicates which charging cycle the charger is on
  • Once the charging cycle is finished the charger switches to a trickle charge and can be left on indefinitely
  • This charger is for the "Microcat", "Baitboat"and "Technicat"