Munch Baits Bio Marine Wafters (14mm/18mm)

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NATURALLY RICH – Every single ingredient working on a different level to provoke feeding responses in any condition. 

ULTIMATE ATTRACTION – A cultivated Algae, a single cell yeast and a proven aquatic stimulant.

UNRIVALLED – Deliberately formulated to naturally over power any other bait before it, with no expense spared in development.

in the range Boilies, Stickmix, Liquid Food, Pop-Ups, Wafters, Washed Out Pop-Ups,  Boosted Hookbaits.

Bio Marine Wafters
These wafters provide a perfect solution for critically balancing your rig. They have been carefully produced to remove the weight of the hook, thus simplifying the way to make a balanced presentation. These include the same essential ingredients that make the Bio Marine range so effective.

Available in 200ml tubs – 14mm/18mm