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His name was on the program ... and the 5time world champion Alan Scott Horne swears by the diets of van den Eynde and now with the mixture G 5 creates his very own philosophy of a good pet food.
During the development phase showed that feed Already its special qualities is as true all food that both the flow and in still water application.
Here the first indications that are important to look at the humidification.
For the amount of 2 kg dry mixture should be a total of 1 liter of water used. After the 2 kg of feed were placed in a bucket, this amount should be slowly but already dampened very humid with a 3/4L water. Approx. Let rest for 15 minutes and then stir in the rest of the water gradually.
In strong current, it is recommended that the food a little addition to wet and an additional bag (2kg) Van admit den Eynde fishing ground (wet clay).
should Especially with clear water to light brown lining a little black dye from the Magic Colours range is added to darken in addition to diet.
Almost crystal clear water can certainly added up to 1/4 cup black dyeequivalent to 25 grams to 2 kilos feed to the feed in a dark black Color takes.