Angling Technics Technicat MKII

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  • Dimensions: 64cm x 40cm x 22cm
  • Weight (Kgs): 6 Standard Batteries
  • 7.0 Standard Batteries
  • Hoppers: 1 ∙ Bait Capacity: 3kgs
  • Propulsion: Propellers
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz FM
  • Echo Acceptable: Yes
  • Continuous Running: 90 Mins
  • The boat has no external boat aerial - as it is mounted internally
  • The boat is supplied with a “standard” boat bag
The Technicat is the latest addition to the Angling Technics range.
It has a huge central hopper capable of carrying up to 3 kg of bait, and the powerful front navigation light is very good.
As with all Angling Technics bait boats the Technicat is constructed from strong ABS plastic and finished in a high glossy finish which is very easy to keep clean.
This boat is a great piece of kit, and highly suitable for trips to France and UK use.