Berkley URBN Bubble Creeper 7.5cm Lures

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The Bubble Creeper is a uniquely designed, super soft lure that moves at the slightest vibration. It has a ribbed body, moves a lot of water, and moves actively while sinking. The flapping claws have a high attraction by making the base as thin as possible and increasing the flow of water towards the toes. Can be fished on jigheads, offset hooks, or on a drop shot rig. Available in different attractive colors. The Powerbait aroma allows the fish to hold the bait longer so you have more time to set the hook properly and will miss less, even with cautious bites. Ideal lure for perch and zander.


Berkley Urban Bubble Creeper

- Lobster imitation
- Multiple colors available
- Length: 7.5cm
- 8 pieces per pack
- Live looking profile
- Challenging action
- Attractive colors
- Powerbait aroma
- The fish will hold the bait longer
- Soft material
- Large claws and tentacles
- Vivid vibrations
- Perfect for finesse techniques
- Ideal for perch and zander