CC Moore Belachan Wafters 10x14mm

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These 10 x 14mm wafting pellet-shaped wafters are packed with Belachan, the highly attractive Malaysian fermented shrimp product. Designed to be fished with either our Boosted Belachan Pellets~or Belachan Bag Mix, common attractors in each product ensure that the loose feed ideally compliments the hookbait and vice versa. Dark in colour and made from a base of pop-up mix, these hookbaits can also be trimmed or shaped to meet personal requirements.

These powerfully attractive hookbaits are glugged in Liquid Belachan Compound and sufficiently firm to remain on a hair for at least 18 hours

Contents: 50 baits


Wrap a thin layer of moulded Belachan Block paste around your hookbaits to give them a potent, dissolving outer skin.