CC Moore Ultra Belachan Essence

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Since its introduction, this pungent essence has become incredibly popular and has helped anglers to bank many notable fish when using it. We sourced this potent flavour in the knowledge that it is the closest example to the original product we have seen, and being a major importer of Belachan Paste and Powder, we should know! Based on our experience of the superb fermented shrimp product, we feel sure this liquid will further enhance boilie, particle and pellet mixes and effectively compliments products within our exclusive Boosted Belachan range. (See Boosted Belachan Range)


Ingredients that work particularly well with Ultra Belachan Essence are: Fish meals, Belachan Powder, Robin Red®, Krill Meal, Feedstim XP and Liquid Belachan Compound.

Recommended inclusion level:

Up to 10ml/kg depending on the ingredients and additives used.