CULT DPM Powa Pacs High Powered Solar Charger 60w

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Charge your devices with unlimited free power! 60W Solar Panel can charge everything from your iPhone to your bait boat.

Both ports can be used simultaneously meaning multiple devices can be charged at once.

The output will charge most bait boat batteries including both the Lead and Lithium Cult Bait Boat batteries. It can also be used to top up your power pack keeping you fully charged on even the longest of sessions.

The USB port will charge all your USB devices including phones, tablets camera’s and bivvy lights.

With a highly efficient conversion ratio the Cult Solar Panel will charge your devices quickly even on overcast days.

Its compact size and light weight make the Cult Solar Panel easily transportable. It will comfortably fit inside your carryall or boat bag. Its durable glass free construction makes it hard wearing and suitable for the demanding environments anglers often find themselves in.