JRC Defender 60'' Oval Brolly

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JRC Defender 60'' Oval Brolly

With four ground-resting back spars and integral 8mm fibreglass poles, the JRC Defender Oval Brolly offers optimum stability and quality at an affordable price that’s ideal for entry level anglers.

Coming from a brand who are moving into the stage of consolidating and building on a reputation built as a dynamic challenger with a commitment to quality, value, and excellence, the JRC Defender Oval Brolly is everything you need from a basic bankside shelter, at a good price, with the peace of mind that comes with buying from one of angling’s best.

Taped seams and storm wings offer full protection against the elements, and ensure that the only thing getting wet during your session is your bait, hook, and line – and the fish, of course! There’s also a front rain gutter to drain off rainwater without dumping it on top of you as you come out from under the brolly. 

The package includes 26 storm poles, and four storm caps, ensuring your brolly will remain anchored and stable during the roughest weather.  This stability is further enhanced with multiple height pegging points, which allow you to anchor your brolly exactly the way you want it, and heavy duty T-pegs that provide excellent grip and hold on almost any surface.

The Defender brolly is made from 5,000 HH 210 D PU coated polyester, for maximum durability and water resistance, and comes with a short threaded central pole that makes set up a breeze, as well as a durable, easy access carry case, which keeps your brolly in good condition for longer. If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of a particularly good swim, the carry case means you can just grab your brolly and rods, pack some bait and tackle in a rucksack, and head off the moment you see that conditions are looking good.  Or, if your swim is a distance away, a carry case makes it easy to get your brolly into and out of a car, as well as taking up less boot space.

JRC Defender 60 Inch Oval Brolly Features

  • 5,000HH 210D PU coated polyester
  • The brolly features taped seams
  • Storm wings for extra protection
  • Front rain gutter
  • Multiple height pegging points
  • Velcro rod retaining straps
  • 8mm fibreglass frame for increased rigidity and decreased weight
  • Low profile plunger for increased internal space
  • Supplied with quick set-up central pole
  • Package includes two 26 storm poles and four storm caps
  • Tough and lightweight Velcro-in groundsheet
  • Supplied with heavy duty T-pegs
  • Complete with durable and easy access carry case
  • Dimensions: 185cm L x 135cm H x 240cm W
  • Weight: 5.6kg