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The Distance Keeper [DK] is a new and innovative device, which transforms the way we measure the length of our line. The DK is a hand-held/bankstick operated device, which can be used in the comfort of you chair/brolly/bivvy and the LCD screen allows ease of use during the night. The device is small, compact and light and has a uniquely designed opening spool to safely house the tackle, without damaging the main line during the process. 


With on screen instructions the DK is simple to use and also boasts a recall function for up to three individual rods, ensuring each spot stays recorded so you do not forget.


Respooling reels is made simple using the DK, especially when splitting one spool over three reels. Simply attaching your line to the DK you can now measure the amount of line coming off the bulk spool with accuracy ensuring you do not underspool one reel and overfill another.

The revolutionary way of clipping up your distance...

  • Simple to operate with on screen instructions
  • Illuminated LCD screen for night fishing
  • Can recall up to three individual rod memories
  • Unique opening spool to take your end tackle
  • Right or left hand operated
  • Operates from the comfort of your chair/brolly/bivvy
  • Small, light, quick and easy to use
  • Auto power off, if not in use
  • Detachable handle
  • Auto interuption mode, allowing users up to 5five minutes to carry out another taskand pick up from where they left off
  • Is supplied with its own propective carry case