DNA Baits The Switch EVO Liquid

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To complement the complex base mix, the Switch Liquid is a complete FOOD source with a serious twist. There are no fewer than nine different liquids and ingredients used in the make-up of this very special liquid, each one with its own function. This liquid has got the lot in terms of attraction, nutrition and taste. The attraction side comes from the soluble, free-form amino acids within the liquid, which are powerful feeding triggers. Combining this with a subtle energy kick in the form of Capsaicin and ‘Active’ Peptides, the active proteins used in the liquid are totally exclusive to DNA. Gustatory response (taste) comes from the proprietary blend of in-house sweeteners and salts.

The meaty/yeasty aroma comes from a specially designed and, again, exclusive-to-us flavour compound. With the addition of probably the best liquid stimulant we have ever used dissolved into it, this EVO Liquid is extremely potent, and is also fantastic drizzled on to matching wafters and pop-ups.