DNA Baits The Switch Half Tones Wafters

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Through much trial and tribulation, we have managed to incorporate the optimum levels of liquid food used in our freezer baits and combine it with our wafter mix! All this together with slightly elevated flavour levels make the Half Tones a fantastic target hook bait, either fished over matching freebies or on their own. They come in a 10mm x 15mm dumbell shape and each tub contains a mixture of fluoro white and half toned pink hookbaits. As with the other fluoro dumbells in our range they are a firm but spongy structure. These wafters can easily be mounted by piercing or tying onto a hair and can be easily trimmed to suit your flavoured pattern/size of hook. As they come they balance a medium gauge size 8 pattern perfectly.

The Switch Half Tones contain- Yeast Extracts and Betaine along with other elements combined with a meaty flavouring.

Available in two dumbbell sizes: Small (10mm x 15mm) and Large (14mm x 18mm)