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The new seat box attachments from Garbolino feature the brand new 'Multigrip' system. These quality accesories have  been developed to accompany our fantastic new range of seat boxes but offer that little bit more. Rather than conventional seat box attachments which slide over your seat box legs, we have devleoped an open system which clamp around the seat box leg then screw tight into a rock solid position. This enables the angler to add or remove attachments whilst fishing without the need to slide off side trays, feeder arms or keepnets etc. Can be used on 25mm legs & 36mm by removing the insert. 

The Garbolino Multigrip Brolly brackets are available in two length variaitions. One of the most solid Brolly brackets available on the market helping to keep you umbrella stable in wet and windy conditions. The use of the longer Brolly bracket is also very handy attached to your side tray leg to house a bait brolly if your an angler who doesnt like using umbrellas.

  • Multigrip Open System
  • Fits 25mm, & 36mm legs
  • Strong & robust
  • Lightwieght
  • Available in two length variations