Prologic Twin Sky Rod Pod

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Prologic Twin Sky 2-Rod Pod

A Compact and very versatile 2-rod pod which can cover just about any fishing situation. Incorporating a lightweight, fully adjustable frame with multi-angle leg tilt options allows the angler to fish with the rod tips set very high or very low to the ground. The pod legs are all fully adjustable and supplied with a spare front set offering differing lengths to cover every eventuality.

When positioning the rods with tips fully elevated, the stabilising hook can be inserted to secure the pod further. This provides further enhanced stability options allowing the angler to hang a weighted bucket or simply tie it to the ground.

Single buzzer uprights allow for greater adjustment and can be fine-tuned accordingly, this is also the same for the rear end which comes supplied with 2 butt cups.

• Light-weight High-Grade Aluminium
• Fully adjustable extending Frame
• Multi tilt fully adjustable extending legs (6 supplied)
• Flip locks for fast precision adjustment
• 2 Rod butt cups supplied
• Removable stabilising/ground hook
• Deluxe padded carry case included