Prologic C-Series

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C-SERIES CARP SACK For those times when you need to retain a prize carp for a little longer, the Prologic C-Series Carp Sack is ideal.

Available in two sizes, these sacks offer a safe and secure way to hold your fish and benefit from a soft, fish-friendly mesh, an oversized and easy-to-operate, heavy-duty zipper with locking ring and securing clip, and a tether cord and bank stick screw.

Best of all, the whole lot can be packed away in the sack’s own carry bag.

• Soft, fish-friendly mesh
• Heavy-duty zipper with locking ring
• Tether cord
• Hi-Viz float
• Bank stick attachment
• Carry bag

Large - 100 X 70CM
X-Large - 120 X80CM