Prologic Inspire Relax 6-Leg Bedchair

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The Prologic Inspire Relax bedchair features innovative oval-tubed lightweight frames with tergal fabric locks that provide a very flat profile for guaranteed improved lumbar support and a restful night's sleep.

The substantially padded centre sections of the mattress, which use Prologic's new Air-Tex meshed, breathable fabric, add to the sleeping comfort. This fabric significantly reduces heat build-up by enhancing air circulation around the occupant – decreasing hot spots and preventing you from becoming hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable regardless of the weather.

The cushioned portions of the bedchairs are additionally shaped to provide optimal support to the regions where it is most needed.

A double-hinged, fold-flat design that lets you to stow and transport your sleeping bag, bivvy table, and other flat objects inside while in travel.

They are also covered in Mimicry Camo pattern and are entirely breathable on the inside while being highly strong and durable on the outside.

• Flat profile
• Fold-flat, double hinge design
• MCP breathable fabric
• Air-Tex breathable centres
• Adjustable legs
• Swivel mud feet
• Seat height: 35-50cm