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The first of its kind, the P1 Anti-Twist Bankstick range provides positive locking and cannot twist thanks to a unique design. A machined surface on the inner sections together with a unique D-loc component means that for the first time a streamlined bankstick can be securely locked at the desired length without any slipping to twisting. Utilising our original Ground Driver point, which has proved perfect for even the hardest of grounds, the feature-packed P1 Anti-Twist bankstick not only boast ultimate performance but have the sleek, stylish looks to match with 1K carbon detailing. Perfect for a multitude of uses all of the P1 Anti-Twist Banksticks are compatible with our Worldwide Pod and can be used as pod legs for those who like to personalise their set-ups. 9" to 13" 220mm to 335mm).

Anti-Twist, D-loc system prevents any twist.

Four sizes (lengths) available.

Compatible with the Worldwide Pod for use as pod legs.

Precision engineered and CAD designed.

Made from the highest quality stainless steel components.