Sonik Xtractor Recon 42" Landing Net

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Sonik Xtractor Recon 42" Landing Net

The XTRACTOR RECON landing net has been designed to complement our shorter retractable butt carp rods with a transport length of only 30 inches, whilst still being a full 42” size landing net.

This has been achieved by both the net arms and handle having telescopic construction. The net features a stiff single telescopic 3-piece handle with fittings that are glued and pinned for ultimate reliability.

The tough glass filled Nylon spreader block has a shaped cross brace for mesh retention, allowing quick net manoeuvre and smooth mesh release. Reinforced olive green 42” mesh with free-flowing hex mesh on the sides and a super soft base mesh.

A generous depth of 95cm strikes a perfect balance for temporarily holding fish and moving quickly through the water.

  • Lightweight carbon composite
  • Two-piece extendable handle (180cm length)
  • Compact spreader block and oversize arms for easy assembly
  • Medium depth olive green mesh
  • Sleek matt black finish with stylish discrete graphics
  • 30 inch pack-down size