Ultima Pure Power - Clear - 200m

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Pure Fluorocarbon

High Strength

Super Soft

Ultima Pure Power® is regarded by most of the angling elite as the ultimate fluorocarbon mainline.

Pure Power® is strong, and sinks quickly like any pure fluorocarbon, however, what sets Pure Power® apart from other fluorocarbons is its great softness. This is the result of Ultima’s unique post-extrusion softening process that gives the line the softness and suppleness similar to a normal mono.

Pure Power® is probably the only fluorocarbon that can be used effectively for casting in breaking strains up to 16lbs. Using the 14lb, Mark Hutchinson achieved a cast of over 180yds, an achievement yet to be equalled by any other pure fluorocarbon.

Pure Power® is superior to any other pure fluorocarbon mainline.

Colours: Clear

Range: 12.0 / 14.0 / 16.0lbs

Spool Size: 200m