Urban Bait Liquid Liver Extract

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Liquid Liver extract is an excellent liquid bait additive that you can use on all types of Carp baits. I first started using Liquid Liver extract in the late 1980’s. Back then we would soak our fish-meal baits in it to give a distinct meaty smell and taste.

Liquid liver can be used in conjunction with all of the Urban Baits range. You can apply it either by using it as a glug for the free-baits, a dip for the hook-baits or even by adding it to the base mix at around 3-5ml per egg. It also works brilliantly when soaking into floaters such as mixers. This gives them an additional extra boost.

Liquid Liver Extract Is Incredibly Attractive

This product is an incredibly attractive appetite stimulating liquid bait additive. It is in fact, in our opinion, a superior alternative to Minamino. We believe that it represents excellent value for money and can be used in all bait types as a direct replacement.

Try soaking baits in Liquid Liver Extract before allowing them to dry. They take on a powdery liver skin which maintains a distinctive natural taste and aroma. The fish find this very attractive even over strong smelling silt!