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The Q is one step down from the Qi of the Icon range, but don’t let that fool you it has an outstanding range of features, more than comparable with other leading bite alarms.  All the Icon range have undergone long-term testing during development.

Development which took place here in Britain, where they are manufactured, yes, manufactured in Britain!

The Icon’s main features are as follows-

  • High Sensitivity Roller Wheel Detection – RWD, for the wariest of bites if needed.
  • Drop Back differentiation. Recoil elimination.
  • High Viz LED’S with a choice of 4 colours to match your bobbins or turn them off for
  • Stealth mode as they are adjustable, the latching time can be adjusted from the Hubb, as can Sensitivity, tone and volume.
  • Auto Night light with 4 different colours, adjustable from the Hubb.
  • 2 sockets with rubber covers that fold away neatly, which consist of an Indicator Port for Illuminated indicators, and a separate IQ port to attach to wired accessories.
  • The Q pairs to the Hubb or QR Hubb. There is a pairing button for ease of pairing.
  • It has a 2km line of sight range of transmission, whilst not to encourage anglers to be too far from their rods, a strong signal is necessary to ensure immediate contact between the Alarm and Receiver without any lag time, the connection is instantaneous.
  • Battery Indication upon turn on, as well as 1000 hours of standby time.
  • Local Mute button.
  • Hard Case that will protect the alarm.
  • Anti-theft-power down alert to the Hubb.

All of this and more. Sealed in a strong, robust, weatherproof case. We believe this is an alarm to withstand the test of time and use, we are so confident of this, we are offering a 2-year warranty, plus one extra year when the purchase is registered with Wolf.

It’s worth repeating-Made in Britain!