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This Month's Most Popular - July 2022

By Laine Norton July 20, 2022

Summer is well and truly underway, which brings about the chance to catch a huge variety of fish species using a range of tactics. At Totally Hooked, we've got the tackle to suit all of your coarse fishing needs.

Here's a roundup of the most viewed and most purchased tackle items throguhout the month of July.

1. Bait Tech Halibut Marine Pellets

The fact these little black beauties have been so popular is a real indicator of the time of year.

Bait tech Halibut Pellets

Now that the rivers are open for the barbel and the waters are warm enough for the cats to feed, halibut pellets are a staple bait. 

Of course, most other species love them as well and they've accounted for many monster carp over the years.

The Halibut Marine range from Bait Tech covers you for your loose feed and hookbaits for any species you want to target. The pellet sizes range from 3mm all the way up to 20mm.

The larger pellets from 8mm upwards are pre-drilled to make them perfect for hair-rigging on the hook.

On top of their fish-catching benefits, Bait Tech's pellets come in very reasonably priced for 900g bags. Give this versatile and effective bait a try this summer.


2. COBB Grills

Ever since becoming one of the first tackle shops to stock COBB's innovative portable grills, they've been flying out the door.

COBB grills

There's good reason for these being so popular: they're neat, compact and can cook virtually anything no matter where you are.

COBB also make a large selection of accessories for the grills, which give you the ability to cook even more.

The COBB can grill, fry, boil, roast, bake and more.

You could have a morning fry up, pizza for lunch and an evening BBQ all from the bankside!

There are various models of COBB so you'll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

For anglers, the COBB Compact is an excellent choice since it is much smaller, lighter and easier to transport than the rest of the range.

Once you experience what's possible with a COBB, you'll wonder why you didn't get hold of one sooner.


3. Gardner Mozzi Lamp

The Mozzi Lamps from Gardner are another new release we've seen this month and they have gone down a storm so far.

Gardner Mozzi Lamp


It is the perfect time of year to get yourself one and put an end to being bitten, stung and swarmed but the annoying flying pests that are present around lakes in the warmer months.

The Gardner Mozzi Lamp can be hung in your bivvy doorway, set on a bivvy table or even placed on the floor. The light draws in nearby mozzies to be zapped before the get a chance to take over your bivvy.

There are similar lamps on the market but Gardner's has a couple of features that set it apart from the rest.

Firstly, the Mozzi Lamp can be used as both a torch and a standard bivvy light.

Secondly, you have the choice of recharging the lamp's batteries via USB or with the integrated solar panels; a feature we absolutely love!


4. ESP Quick Change Ronnie Booms

Thanks to ESP's new Ronnie Rig booms, tying and changing the hooks on your Ronnie rigs has never been so quick and simple.

ESP quick change ronnie rig booms

The booms are tied from ESP tungsten semi-stiff and come available in a choice of colours to suit the lakebeds you fish on.

The most crucial feature of the Ronnie booms is the tungsten sleeve, which acts to secure the hook and to counterbalance your pop-up. There is a small and large size tungsten sleeve available so you can weight the rig to your preferences.

As if these booms weren't easy enough to use, you can pair them with the ESP Ronnie rigs so all you'll need to do is attach the rig to the booms and you're ready to fish.


5. DNA The Bug Shelf Life Boilies

DNA's bait is one of our top-sellers year-round and the Bug always sits at the top of the list.

The Bug is a creamy, malty, nutty and almost chocolatey boilie, which is certainly not what you'd expect from a boilie made out of crushed insect-meal.

It isn't just insects, though. DNA's Bug baits feature a range of quality ingredients that together produce a high protein, easily digestible and attractive bait that gets results throughout the year.

As with all of DNA's boilies, there is a range of matching pellets, liquids and hookbaits to go alongside the Bug.

The Bug has been a personal favourite of mine for a while now and our customers also love it, which is why it finds its way amongst our top selling baits month after month.



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